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Year Two

Welcome to Year Two!

2B - Miss. Broughton
2P - Mrs. Pollitt

The TAs in Year Two are Miss. Campbell and Miss. Putnam
Mr Goodman will teach 2P on a Thursday and Friday

You can now contact your Teachers and Teaching Assistants!

On this page you will find the information you will need to help your child at school. You will also find helpful resources (in the yellow drop-down boxes) for your child to access at home as well as newsletters and homework at the bottom of the page.

What we are learning this year

Year 2 Curriculm Road Map

If you click the image it will open up a larger version in a new window. It can also be downloaded in PDF format at the bottom of the page.


Homework can be found by clicking on the yellow tabs below. We also have a termly project which is linked to something we are learning about at school.


Please make sure you read with your child at least three times a week. This regular practise helps develop fluency and expression. Please make a comment in their blue diaries to say you have read.  


Read the words and identify what is ‘tricky’ about them.

Use the ‘look, write, check’ method to practise spelling the word. Other good strategies include using fridge magnets, looking out for the word in a reading book or rainbow writing where you repeat writing out the word using as many different colours as you can.

Practise improving your handwriting by copying out the spellings.

are be
has the
there could
door eye
only who


Grendon is signed up with Numbots. Numbots is a free online game and will help to improve your number skills. You can use a tablet, PC or phone to access the games. There is an APP or you can work online. You have been given your child's individual logon details. Please contact your teachers by e-mail if you need a reminder or any help accessing the Numbots.

To log in you will need your Username and Password:

Your username is the first three letters of your first name, and the first three letters of your surname. So Harry Potter's would be harpot. You can get your password from your class teacher.

You can access this game on laptops or download the app to your mobile device.

MyMaths and Reading

You can access MyMaths by clicking here:


You will need the school login which is grendon and the password is sixteen970. You then have an individual login, this will have been given to you by your class teacher. If you don't have it, please speak to the teacher or email them on the address above.

To support our reading curriculum we have subscribed to Wheelers ebooks. For information and to login, please click HERE



Book Bags

Please bring these to school every day. Children should have their Reading Diary and any books, Ditty Sheets or Tricky Words in them. Please make sure you are writing in their Reading Diary too!


Our uniform information can be found HERE. Please ensure all articles of clothing have names in. We do our best to help children keep track of their items, but we need your help with this.

PE Kit

PE Kits stay in school, and we send them home once every half-term to be washed. For information about our kit, see the UNIFORM information.

Water Bottles and Snacks

Please provide a reusable water bottle with your child's name on it. This should only be for water. Children can also bring in a healthy snack and drink for breaktime if they wish, but fruit is supplied daily.


Useful Resources

Reading for pleasure

We are running a Reading Challenge in school ready for world book day. Children can read ten books and complete a review for each to take part. There are some brilliant prizes available! For more information click HERE.

To support our reading curriculum we have subscribed to Wheelers ebooks. For information and to login, please click HERE

We are also lucky to have a wonderful library available to us locally at Maypole. If you are not already a member, you should make time for a visit.


You can find phonics on our Phonics Class Page or by clicking the image below!

Log into Tapesty: Online learning journal

Year 2 Word List

child people Mr Mrs
could should would any
who pretty beautiful because
every great  only again
half whole eye door
poor most kind even
hour move sure sugar
water many busy parents