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Our school is proud of its RRSA ‘Recognition of Commitment’ award. We are working hard towards gaining our level 1/silver award during the next academic year.

At Grendon Primary school, we recognise and value the importance of teaching children about their rights under the 1991 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This international agreement sets out 54 articles which define children’s rights and how adults must ensure these are met.

Through a focus on the CRC, children at Grendon begin to understand ideas of fairness and equality. They develop a view of themselves as a global citizen and begin to recognise when they are not treated correctly.

We have carefully mapped the rights in the CRC to our school vision, ethos and aims. Our pupils are actively engaged in furthering our rights agenda, e.g. A school council assembly and plans for fundraising.

Children receive half termly CRC lessons. Children learn ABOUT rights and become familiar with the CRC and its specific articles. They also learn the ABCDE of rights (rights are for all, rights start at BIRTH, rights CANNOT be taken away, rights DO NOT have to be earnt, and all the rights are EQUALLY important. Children learn THROUGH rights for example by looking at instances where rights have not been met. Finally, they learn FOR rights by making a concrete impact on the world around them at a school, local, national or global scale.

In our Foundation subject and Life Education curriculum and our programme of assemblies, references are made to rights whenever they can be. Our staff use rights aware language when managing children’s behaviour.

Further information on the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools award can be found by CLICKING HERE