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Safeguarding and Early Help


Meet the Pastoral Team

Ms. S. Jones

Mr. A. Darby

Mrs. P. Prendeville

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Meet our Professionals and Community Partners

Behaviour Specialist - Steve Brown


Hello, I am Steve Brown.

I am a Behaviour Specialist and SEND Advisor. I have worked with Grendon Primary School for many years.

 I visit Grendon Primary School to support children with their behaviour, communication, and emotional needs. I work with staff to think of strategies that will help them and the children. I observe children in class and spend time working with school on Whole School Policy and implementing positive changes to benefit the staff, children and families of Grendon Primary School.  I can support parents and families with behavioural concerns where this is appropriate.

Education Psychologist - Clare Jarvis


I am an Educational Psychologist who works with staff, children and families at Grendon. My name is Claire Jarvis.

An Educational Psychologist uses psychology to find ways forward by finding out how children develop and learn, as well as how they may think, feel and behave. This can involve conversations with staff in school and parents/carers, observations within school and also working with children directly. All work has the children at the centre and aims to promote positive change for children and families.

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Communication and Autism Team - Cathryn Thomas


Hello my name is Cathryn Thomas.

I work for the Communication and Autism Team

As a specialist teacher for the Communication and Autism Team, I have the brilliant job of supporting our Autistic pupils and their families. I work together with staff and as a team we aim to meet the needs of our autistic children and enable them to access the full curriculum. We strive to make sure children feel safe and happy at school. I can also work with parents, by offering advice and guidance on ways they can help their child in the home.

Speech and Language Therapist - Emma Robbin

Hello. My name is Miss Robbin and I am the Speech and Language Therapist at Grendon Primary school.

I work with parents, teachers, teaching assistants and school staff to support the children at Grendon with their Speech, Language and Communication development. This includes a wide range of skills including the production of speech sounds, understanding and use of words, phrases and sentences, social skills and stammering.

I work in a variety of formats at Grendon Primary School including 1:1, small group and whole class sessions alongside supporting teachers to incorporate Speech and Language activities within their daily lessons.

If you have concerns regarding your child’s Speech, language and communication skills please contact Mrs Prendeville schools SENDCO who will be happy to discuss a referral for Speech and Language Support with you.

A leaflet with more information can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Pupil and School Support

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Sweet Project

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Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

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Housing Link


As a Team we are based at Vineyard Road Neighbourhood Office in Northfield, we cover the whole of the south of the city, but the officers who deal with Billesley Ward are Danielle Baker, Kerrie Titterton and Joanne Brown.  We are often out and about in the area, and we work closely with the police and other agencies including Grendon Primary School to try and resolve Housing issues and Anti-Social Behaviour in the local area.

All or any Housing issues can be raised with our HUB, and they then allocate them out to the right officer to deal with.

This can be done online at, or by phoning 0121 303 5054 - option 4.

Chinnbrook FS Team

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Yardley Wood Baptist Church - Food Pantry

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Early Help Locality Team

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School Nurse - Louise Proudlock

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We work together to make a difference for our children and families.