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Pupil Roles

Head Boy and Head Girl Team


Our Head Boy/Girl selection process begins in the Autumn Term. Children in Year 6 have to write an application and successful candidates are selected for an interview. Interviews are VERY formal and are conducted by the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.

We would like to say a big congratulations to
Ethan, Ciara, Millie and Yehya
who have taken the roles below!


Job Description:

1. To be a good role model for the children in school.

  • Show confidence, independence and resilience.
  • Demonstrate that you can use your growth mindset.
  • Know all about our school and what is important to us.
  • Have good manners.
  • Be well organised.
  • Have good attendance and be on time.
  • Dress smartly in school uniform.
  • Keep up with your learning.
  • Model the good behaviour expected at school.
  • Treat everyone equally and fairly and always listen to other people’s opinions.

2. To speak to visitors and show them round the school.

  • Write a script and plan a route for showing visitors around.
  • Practice this script and route so that I can do it confidently and independently.
  • Check corridors and places along the route are tidy each week and coats are hung up.
  • Be able to introduce yourself, saying clearly who you are and what your role is.
  • Know all about Grendon. Describe our We Can ethos and what it means to you.
  • Be polite and helpful.

3. To help deliver all good work and whole school assemblies.

  • Put chairs out in the hall.
  • Make sure stickers, certificates and anything else needed for assembly are ready and organised.
  • Help to put away of chairs and tables after assembly.
  • Collect and give to class teachers any certificates left for children who are absent.
  • Stand smartly at the front of the hall during assembly.
  • Speak in a clear, loud voice when required.
  • Make sure hall is left in a tidy state, doors shut and lights put out

4. To be up to date with and involved in school life.

  • Read our school newsletter and website to ensure you know lots about the school.
  • Meet Mrs Ridley each Wednesday at lunchtime in order to plan future tasks and events.
  • Write a report for the newsletter and website each month.

5. To plan and lead tasks and events during the year, for example Easter Bonnet Parade.

  • Use a yearly planner to plan events and activities.
  • Work as a team and recruit other members if needed in order to plan events.
  • Communicate plans clearly to children, parents and staff.
  • Practice to ensure plans will work and everybody is clear about their role.
  • Be involved in the preparation for and the running of any events.

Senior Prefect Roles


The selection process for the Head Boy/Girl roles is always very difficult as so many of the children show great potential in the interviews. Therefore, other important roles are created around school and all of these children do a great job in their particular role.  The prefects are managed by Mrs. Rodgers.

Name Role

Mr Darby's Assistant
with Mr. Darby
  Behaviour and Attendance Monitors
with Miss Jones
  PE Monitors
with Mr Hedderley 
  Library Support Team
with Miss Caro


Energy and Environment Team
with Mr. Worrall
with Mr. Goodman
  Photographers and Videographers
with Mr. Goodman
  Computer/ iPad Monitors
with Mrs. Harvey
  Door Monitors
  Lunchtime Monitors
with Mrs Powell
  Art Monitors
with Mrs. Smith
  Garden Monitor
with Mrs. Beedon

Office Ambassadors

In our school every child in Year 5 has an opportunity to experience the world of work by acting as a school ambassador.  Children look forward to this responsibility.  Here is what we ask of them:

  • Help in the Office
  • Assist the Headteacher
  • Take messages
  • Greet visitors to the school
  • Count money
  • Offer tea and coffee

Ambassadors are often asked to do different extra jobs.  This is to help them find out about the world of work and to broaden their experience.  They also have an Ambassador log book which they must keep up to date.

Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders play an important role at lunch times working with younger children, helping them to play games and helping our school dinner ladies.

The 2020-2021 Play Leaders Team will be revealed pending Covid19 bubble regulations being loosened :


The Team are overseen by Mr. Hedderley