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Parent Partnership

'Parent involvement plays a key role in children's academic attainment.'

Education Endowment Foundation 2019

Teachers, parents and of course, the children themselves all have an important role to play in how children learn. A strong, trusting partnership between school and home is essential for a child to succeed.

At Grendon, we have planned opportunities throughout the year to ensure that parents are fully informed, so they are best able to support their children’s education. We know that by working together WE CAN build strong relationships, explain expectations and reduce barriers which may prevent children from learning. This forms part of our Pastoral Curriculum: Enabling all learners to access the Academic Curriculum.

As a parent, you will be offered three planned Parent Partnership events each academic year:

A WELCOME meeting

For families with children in Years 1 to 6, you will meet your child’s teacher and teaching assistant. They will share information about what the children will learn in the year, explain general routines and expectations and share important information such as any national testing or the Educational Visits and Expert Led Workshops that will occur during the school year. You will have the opportunity to visit your child’s classroom.

Reception parents will meet their child’s class teacher and visit the classroom as part of the induction and familiarisation programme. A home visit is also available.

An ACCESS clinic

You will be invited to find out about a specific experience your child will have during their school year. School staff will explain how you can best support your child in line with the teaching they will receive in school.

The focus of these meetings will be as follows:

Reception: Reading

Year One: The Phonics Screening check

Year Two: Maths

Year Three: Children's Emotional Development

Year Four: The Multiplication check

Year Five: Online Safety

Year Six: The Key Stage Two SATS tests

A SHARE event

Our curriculum includes opportunities for children to share their academic learning with parents either by inviting families into school as an audience for a final project or to learn alongside children in the classroom.

This year the share event in each year group is:

Reception: A Lego Town

Year One: Toys

Year Two: Animals

Year Three: Art Gallery

Year Four: States of Matter

Year Five: French Café

Year Six: Programmable Buggies

Further opportunities for parents to participate in the life of the school include special assemblies and events such as the Christmas Nativity, Easter Bonnet Parade or Sports Day, our Celebration Assemblies where children receive certificates and rewards and, of course, our Open Days and Parents Evenings.

Details of all planned events can be found on our school calendar here.