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"I have learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou
American poet, memoirist and civil rights activist


At Grendon Primary School PSHE education follows a broad curriculum. Teaching includes, but is not limited to curriculum content for statutory Relationships Education and Health Education. The school Leadership team and governors have agreed that in line with government advice, age-appropriate Sex Education should be taught in our school. PSHE teaching is a priority subject for our pupils and we recognise the fundamental role that PSHE teaching holds in safeguarding our pupils. We also know that without the social and emotional skills which are developed through PSHE, many of our pupils would not be able to access our academic curriculum. Research shows that academic outcomes for pupils who receive comprehensive PSHE education are better than those who do not. PSHE addresses our core aims of developing resilience and independence. Communication skills are developed through discussion and debate.


A PSHE or RE (Religious Education) lesson is taught weekly. It is ideally taught by the children’s main class teacher and the concepts covered in class should be referred back to regularly in day to day school life. All specified lessons must be taught over the academic year to ensure that coverage of all statutory content is achieved.

PSHE at Grendon is taught through is a broad programme of PSHE education beyond the statutory requirements.

We use the expert written lesson plans from the well-established, high quality Coram Life Education SCARF scheme to deliver all our PSHE teaching. Lessons focus on a social norms approach; they look at what is normal in a fact based rather than personalising experiences. The SCARF programme provides a comprehensive scheme of work for PSHE and wellbeing. SCARF planning is a spiral curriculum and covers all of the DfE’s new statutory requirements for Relationships Education and Health Education and the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study recommended learning opportunities. In some instances, SCARF lesson content intended for a year group has been placed in an older year group which reflects school specific Leadership decisions specific to our pupils about vocabulary or appropriateness. Our PSHE provision includes content prepared by external expert organisations such as the NSPCC or the Red Cross. Opportunities for PSHE sessions delivered by external facilitators (e.g. Life Education Service) to support the core lessons may be included where the school budget allows. Lessons to be delivered in each year band at Grendon Primary School have been selected to ensure coverage and breadth is maintained. For each year band, the lessons to cover in each half term are specified. Class teachers should access and follow the lesson plans from the Coram Life Education website, preparing resources and adapting content as necessary. Where the scheme refers to Life Education bus content and the children have not attended that Life Bus session, a summary introduction will have to be created instead. Each half term, ‘We Can’ certificates will be awarded to individuals in each class who have demonstrated significant achievement or progress in a specific focus area.

The half termly focuses are:

Autumn A - Me and My Relationships
  • Feelings & emotions
  • Friendship
  • Conflict resolution
Autumn B - Being My Best.
  • Being healthy
  • Having a ‘Growth Mindset’
  • Goal setting & celebrating achievement.
Spring A - Valuing Difference
  • Understanding what is special about ourselves
  • Understanding how other people are similar or different to ourselves
  • Considering stereotypes
  • Learning about tolerance and respect
  • British Values focus
Spring B - Growing and Changing
  • Life Stages
  • Bodies
  • Puberty
  • Sex Education content
Summer A - Rights and Responsibilities
  • Money
  • Democracy
  • Citizenship, the wider world
  • The Environment
  • Children’s Rights
Summer B - Keeping Myself Safe
  • Internet safety
  • Drugs
  • Sun safety
  • Bullying
  • Relationships Education (safeguarding)

PSHE learning is supported and enhanced by additional teaching and discussion opportunities in assembly time

In Reception, PSHE covered through Personal, Social and Emotional Development strand and the 3 Early Learning Goals of Self Regulation, Managing Self and Building Relationships.

Our PSHE provision was reviewed in May 2020 and a consultation held for parents comments. A summary of that consultation and the outcomes can be found below.