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Our Staff

Leadership Team
Mrs. H. Ridley Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mr. A Darby Deputy Head
Deputy DSL
KS2 Lead and Pastoral Curriculum
Miss. L. Clarke Assistant Head Teacher
EYFS/KS1 Lead and Academic Curriculum (English)
Mrs. S. Collins Curriculum Manager
Mr. A. Norris Lead Practitioner (Science)
Mrs. L. Pollitt Lead Practitioner (Maths)
Mrs. P. Prendeville SENDCo and Phonics
Miss. S. Jones Pastoral Manager (Deputy DSL)
Class Teachers
Mr. S. Bache Music
Miss. Broughton Early Career Teacher (Design Technology)
Mrs. A. Elebe  
Mr. P. Feely Computing
Ms. T. Fletcher Religious Education
Mrs. K. Godfrey History
Mr. R. Goodman Digital Communication
Miss. E. Hall Art
Mr. C. Hedderley Physical Education
Miss. K. James Early Career Teacher
Miss. C. Mills Early Career Teacher
Ms. S. Richardson Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)
Mrs. K. Rodgers Modern Languages
Mrs. T. Thompson Art
Miss. A Waite-Wright EAL Interventions
Miss. R. Wilson Geography
Teaching Assistants
Mrs. W. Barshan Mrs. S. Kaur
Miss. C. Boynton Mrs. H. O'Hare
Mrs. H. Beedon Miss. Z. Putnam
Miss. G. Bissell Miss. J. Roath
Mrs. N. Brown Mrs. K. Shea
Miss. L. Campbell Mrs. R. Suthers
Miss. T. Caro Ms. V. Weller
Mrs. L. Fox  
Support Staff  
Mrs. A. Rainford Senior Office Manager
Mrs. S. Lewis Senior School Secretary
Mr. B. Worrall Site Manager
Lunchtime Supervisors  
Ms. D. Ashe Mrs. S. Malik
Miss. N. Bah Mrs. M. Oakley
Mrs. J. Choudhury Miss. N. Perkins
Mrs. L. Holloway Mrs. A. Witcomb
Mrs. J. Jelly Mrs. S. Zamen
Cleaning Staff   
Mr. B. Worrall (Supervisor)
Mrs. T. Hoadley  Miss. N. Perkins
Mrs. M. Oakley Mrs. A. Witcomb