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Online Resources

This page is no longer being updated. (Deletion in progress)

Find below a selection of websites we think you might find useful. Please remember to browse safely and that Grendon Primary can not be held responsible for external links. If you have a concern about any of the links below, please contact the school.


Internet Matters A site that gives lots of helpful guides to current issues as well as resources to help manage your child's use of the internet

Net Aware This gives an overview of e-safety and how to navigate Social Media and other online communications.

CEOP This site works to keep children safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. You can make an online report if you have concerns about a child or you are a child looking for help.

Childline Covers a range of issues that children may face and helps point them in the right direction for the appropriate support.

UK Safer Internet This site focuses on remembering your S.M.A.R.T. rules as well as being another very helpful bank of resources

Safe Internet Search Engines

Maths Links

MyMaths This website provides lots of maths activities that can be tailored to your child based on their age. There is a school and individual logon you will need to access this site which you should have been given. Should you not have it, please speak to your class teacher. This website allows the user to select the times tables that they wish to work on and set a time limit.

Timestables Speed Test This website is aimed at testing the speed at which the user can answer a question relating to the times tables.

Timestables Games A range of games aimed at reinforcing the different times tables.

Timestables Worksheets Create and print your own times table quiz. A range of multiplication games aimed at children between 7 and 11. Interactive online games aimed at increasing the child’s knowledge of the multiplication tables.

Timestable Test Simulator All Year 4 children will have to sit an on-screen check from June 2020 (some schools may volunteer to take it from 2019). They will be expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 and will have to answer multiplication questions against the clock. This online test simulator will help children to practise their times tables so they are fully prepared for the check. It’s free, and you can use it as often as you like!

MathsChase Another way of practising your timestables!

Number bonds This game helps you practice your number bonds

Prodigy Maths - it's based in the US but has some great activities

English Links (includes Phonics)

Oxford Owl - This site has lots of useful information about Maths, Reading and writing. It also has games and ideas for things to do.

Teach Your Monster to Read - covers everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences

Look, Cover, Write, Check - A spelling game

Squiggle Park - Choose between early reading skills or older comprehension - create a log in for free to access 

Storylineonline - Listen to a range of stories online

Teach your Monster to Read - A fabulous reading resource

Pick a Phoneme - Learn your sounds with this interactive game

PhonicsPlay - A great phonics website

Phonics Bloom - More fantastic phonics resources

Spelling Shed - keep practising those spellings! (14 day trial)

Curriculum Links

Object Lessons - A digital collection of over 400 artefacts and costumes from the Islington collection and includes accessible information and links. It gives the opportunity to explore a selection of their objects in the collection through high quality images accompanying text and interactive areas.

History for Kids - lots of very interesting history stuff!

Incredibox - A music app for creating your own music with the help of a merry band of beatboxers. Part game, part tool, Incredibox is above all an audio and visual experience that introduces kids and adults to notions of rhythm and melody.

National Geographic Kids - Find out about the world with this fascinating website

Kids World Travel Guide - travel the world through they eyes of child!

BBC Geography - Learn lots of geography skills with this helpful site

Geography Games - Lots of fun games based on different parts of the world

Duolingo - Learn languages for free 

Mystery Science - Free Science lessons

Nature Detectives - Getting out to explore, or just your garden!

RedTedArt - lots of fun arts and craft ideas and videos

Computing and Coding

Barclays Playground - learn to code with this interactive site

Scratch - This site is brilliant. We use 'Scratch' in some of our lessons

BBC MicroBit - Another coding website to look at

Blocky - Learn computer programming skills

Tinkercad - Design and coding

Typing Club - Learn how to touch type

ICT Games - a variety of interactive games

Fun Activities

Connect Four - A simple strategy game

Mini Golf - Can you get your angles right?

Colour Fill - You have 22 moves, can you colour the board in?

Ducks - Can you work out how to play this game, there are no instructions...

Starlight - You can see images in the stars if you line up the constellations.

Touch Typing - How fast can you type? This will train you too.

Find the Pairs - Can you match the pairs of cards?

Classroom Secret Kids - A new website full of interactive games

Crash Course - All kinds of interesting stuff!

Toy Theatre - lots of interesting games

TopMarks - more games for a variety of subjects

Websites for Adult Learning

Skillswise - English and Maths help for adult learners

Skills for Life - A website with news, information and resources for courses and jobs