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We have developed a range of well-planned opportunities for children to engage in different kinds of Mathematical teaching at Grendon.

We engage in high-quality teaching of discrete Mathematics and cross-curricular Mathematics, where objectives are selected at the appropriate level and link strongly to investigations. It is also important that children are having the opportunity to deepen their Mathematical thinking and understanding.

Timings of Mathematics lessons

Mathematics is taught daily for 1 hour.

In Key Stage 1 there is an additional 20 minutes each week for learning maths facts (We Can Challenges – Year 2)
In Key Stage 2 there is an additional 20 minutes allocated each week for children to learn, know, recall, use and apply multiplication and division facts (We Can Challenges).

What is a We Can challenge?

We Can challenges are designed to test the children's understanding of multiplication and division facts. In recent years the children have been completing Maths Club Tests e.g. Club 44 or Club 99 tests. Children who are working within Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will complete the new We Can Challenges.

Why are the children completing We Can challenges?

The National Curriculum states that by the end of Year 4 children should know their multiplication facts and associated division facts. Knowing multiplication tables and being able to recall them quickly, enables the learner to answer questions confidently and problem solve to a higher standard.

Testing of Year 4 children with Mathematics

This test became statutory in 2020 and is linked to the children knowing their multiplication and division facts. The test is called the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). Further information can be downloaded below about the 2020 test.

By using the We Can Challenges and related teaching and learning children will become familiar with the tests and have an understanding of how to answer the questions quickly and efficiently.

How we support the children within school with the We Can challenges

Each class has time dedicated to learning and completing We Can Challenges within their class timetable. Children have the opportunity to work independently, within groups and with the class teacher to learn the multiplication and division facts. Children will also use websites and software designed to increase the speed at which they are able to answer mathematical questions.

Online Learning

MyMaths This website provides lots of maths activities that can be tailored to your child based on their age. There is a school and individual logon you will need to access this site which you should have been given. Should you not have it, please speak to your class teacher. This website allows the user to select the times tables that they wish to work on and set a time limit.

Timestables Speed Test This website is aimed at testing the speed at which the user can answer a question relating to the times tables.

Timestables Games A range of games aimed at reinforcing the different times tables.

Timestables Worksheets Create and print your own times table quiz. A range of multiplication games aimed at children between 7 and 11. Interactive online games aimed at increasing the child’s knowledge of the multiplication tables.

Timestable Test Simulator All Year 4 children will have to sit an on-screen check from June 2020 (some schools may volunteer to take it from 2019). They will be expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 and will have to answer multiplication questions against the clock. This online test simulator will help children to practise their times tables so they are fully prepared for the check. It’s free, and you can use it as often as you like!

MathsChase Another way of practising your timestables!

Number bonds This game helps you practice your number bonds

Prodigy Maths - it's based in the US but has some great activities