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Life Education

Specfic Life Education teaching is delivered through PSHE, RE and the Unicef Rights Respecting School Award. This is an important part of our curriculum.

Promoting British Values

Promoting British Values through our Curriculum

At Grendon we combine our pastoral and academic curricula to provide learning opportunites that nurture, teach, and prepare our children for life in modern Britain.

We support our children's journey to becom citizens who make a positive contribution to their school, community and the world around them.

We espouse our British values which promote democracy, the rule of law, a culture of tolerance, the importance of individual liberty and respect for all.

Our school curricula are organised to provide opportunities to experience and understand these, including:

  • A weekly focus for assemblies and reflection helps children examine philosophical questions
  • Regular planned life education lessons focus on aspects of living in modern Britain
  • Understanding and taking part in elections
  • Understanding the rule of Law as part of the study of history, RE, life education, PE, etc.
  • Electing a School Council who have a positive voice in our Community
  • Applying for the job of Head Boy and Head Girl, deputies and senior prefects and being interview for these posts
  • Being an Ambassador providing support for the school office and learning to perform simple office tasks
  • Being an effective peer tutor or play leader
  • Taking part in enterprise initiatives
  • Sharing a whole school perspective about what a member of the Grendon community entails
  • Negotiating and deciding upon class rules
  • Having opportunities to join other schools to put forward and listen to views; and visiting our Local Council House to take part in debate
  • Understanding choices made resulting in consequence, outcomes and sanctions
  • Celebrating diversity, exploring and understanding the variety of cultures and customs represented in our school and by links with other schools at home and abroad
  • Learning to respect difference through our 'we can' half-termly life education themes
  • Taking opportunities to explore feelings linked to whole school events - School, celebrations, shared effort e.g. building shelters, greenhouses, charity incentives and shared fun
  • Understanding tolerance and respect; promoted through school institutions, policy and staff models, and so using their voice freely and appropriately
  • Exploring self-reliance and reliance on others in team sports, events, investigations and attitude to learning and problem solving
  • Learning together to be safe and healthy in Life Education, using the Internet and Social Media sites, PE and Science
  • Knowing who to go to for help, advice and support in school


As a school we understand the importance of keeping our children safe online. There are many wonderful things children can learn using the internet and lots of things online can help children with their education. It is important that children and parents are aware of the risks and dangers that come with the internet.

The way in which we educate children and parents are set out in our e-safety policy. 

All children sign an e-safety agreement so children know how to keep themselves safe. 

We have recently offered workshops to both children and parents.

When Year 5 had an E-Safety workshop, Aida wrote about what he had learnt.