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Life Education

Specific Life Education teaching is delivered through PSHE, RE and the Unicef Rights Respecting School Award. This is an important part of our curriculum.

Thank you so much to all the families who looked at our parental consultation for the PSHE curriculum from September 2020. The consultation is now closed and we are able to share the out comes with you.

Q1 .Learning about health is important for Primary aged children 100%
Q2. Learning about relationships is important for Primary aged children 66.7%
Q3. Learning about age appropriate sex education is important for Primary aged children 66.7%
Q4. It is important that parents know what their children are learning in PSHE 100%
Q5. I am given enough information about PSHE lessons 66.7%
Q6. I would welcome the opportunity to look in detail at lesson plans and resources prior to teaching 100%
Q7. I agree with the proposals for PSHE provision in the draft policy 66.7%

How we already teach PSHE

At Grendon, teaching Personal, Social and Health Education (or PSHE) is a very important part of what we do. We often refer to the teaching in PSHE lessons as Life Education. Our PSHE teaching follows a broad curriculum and covers:

At the moment, PSHE is not a statutory part of the National Curriculum – the government do not tell us what we should teach.

At Grendon, we have always taught a full programme of PSHE. This includes Health Education, Relationships Education and age appropriate Sex Education which mainly relates to the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty.

Clearly, what we teach at school can only supplement conversations that you will be having as parents with your children. In school, we know that teaching PSHE supports our pupils to build, understand and manage their emotions and relationships. This has an important impact on children’s social development but also on their academic achievement. We think it is important that we explain about the changes that occur when growing up before children experience them. For some children puberty changes can begin around age 8. Our PSHE teaching also plays a crucial role in our Safeguarding responsibilities enabling children to understand what is normal and when they should ask a trusted adult for help.

PSHE is changing!

From September 2020, some parts of the PSHE curriculum will become statutory. Primary schools will be required to teach Health Education and Relationships Education.

Statutory Relationships education includes:  Statutory Health education includes:
Families and people who care for me Mental wellbeing
Caring friendships Internet safety and harms
Respectful relationships Physical health and fitness
Online relationships Healthy eating
Being Safe Drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  Health and prevention
  Basic first aid
  Changing adolescent body

The government recommend that we also teach additional Sex Education content but this decision is to be made on a school by school basis.You can read more about the new statutory requirements in this document from the DfE (Department for Education) or in this summary document for parents (which is also available in Arabic, Somali and Urdu on their website).

CLICK HERE to download

CLICK HERE to download

What will happen at Grendon?

In light of the changes to the curriculum, we have looked at our PSHE planning to make sure it covers everything we now have to teach. There will be very few changes as we have always taught a full programme of PSHE (including Sex Education content).

From September, we plan to follow a scheme written by experts which covers all the required PSHE content. This scheme, SCARF by Coram Life Education is well established and we have used parts of it in school before. Coram Life Education are the leading children’s health and wellbeing charity. The SCARF scheme focuses on a social norms approach to PSHE teaching. Lessons look at what is normal in a fact-based manner rather than personalising experiences.

Click to visit the website:

The school Leadership team and governors at Grendon have agreed that age appropriate Sex Education should continue to be taught in our school. As we have changed the scheme that we follow, we will be teaching less content than we previously have.

In Summary

  • We plan to make very few changes from what we have always taught.
  • Children will be taught all PSHE lessons in mixed gender class groups.
  • Relationships and Health Education will be statutory from September 2020.
  • It will not be possible for parents to withdraw pupils from any Relationships or Health Education lessons.
  • Sensitive statutory Health and Relationships Education content has been identified in appendix 3 of policy. Children must be taught this content.
  • Grendon is choosing to teach limited additional age appropriate Sex Education content (see appendix 4). This puts the changes which occur during puberty into context.
  • The content which we will teach in Sex Education is slightly less than we have previously taught.
  • Parents will be invited to view any resources for Sex Education lessons before the lessons are taught.
  • A parent or carer has the right to withdraw their child from the non-statutory Sex Education content.

The most up to date policy can be found under our Polices tab or by clicking HERE.