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We are very proud of our Library and thought it was about time we had a special place on the website to tell you about everything we do!

Unfortunately, the Covid19 Pandemic has meant we've had to delay a few of our plans but, in the mean time, we thought we could still share some news with you and some great resources.


We now have an email address to send your Book Reviews, tell us what you have been reading or even pictures of you dressing up as your favourite characters.

To support our remote learning and reading curriculum we are pleased to say that we have subscribed to Wheelers ebooks. We had access to this wonderful resource during the first lockdown so you may have already tried it out. This means that your child will always have access to plenty of books to read whether they are self-isolating, their bubble has closed or to simply to read for pleasure.

To download the app please use the links below;

Once you have downloaded the app you then go to, ‘find your library’, select Grendon Primary School followed by sign in.

Your child’s username is your child’s first name, remembering to include the capital letter, followed by the first letter of their surname, as a capital – no spaces need to be left.

For example Minnie Mouse would sign in as MinnieM

The passwords are all currently set as ebook. Once you have signed in for the first time you are then able to change your password.

If you have any problems or if your child would like to review any of the books please email Miss. Caro, our school librarian, on


We are continuing our subscription with First News which lots of children access during their reading lessons at school. This weekly newspaper keeps children up to date with what is going on in the world in a child friendly way.