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Ethos and Aims

The Ethos of our School

...provide the keys to unlock learning and investigate the wider world through;

A pastoral curriculum that removes barriers to learning

An academic curriculum that provides structure, opportunity and enrichment

So that children believe…

The Aims of our School

We do this by: –                                                                                  

  • Working to remove inequality of opportunity
  • Treating each other with respect, tolerance and concern
  • Building relationships with each other, parents, carers and the local community
  • Teaching skills to learn with
  • Providing knowledge to build on and understand the world with
  • Building in experiences which gives each learner a taste to explore the world further


A letter from our local MP

We were very pleased to receive a letter from our local MP, Steve McCabe, that expressed his delight at our recent performance. You can see a copy of that letter by clicking below.