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At Grendon Primary School, we offer an Enrichment Programme to all pupils. This enrichment provides pupils with learning opportunities beyond the academic curriculum. It supports the broadening of experiences and the development of life skills. Our Enrichment programme directly meets our school aims

  • We can offer enriching activities, events and experiences
  • We can build independent and resilient learners who are able to communicate confidently

We want pupils to leave Grendon Primary School with a breadth of experience, an understanding of opportunity and a bank of happy memories.

There are various strands of our enrichment provision, each with a specific purpose. Further information is included below.

Whole School Days

  • Develop cohesion and collaboration across the school community
  • Promote school priorities
  • Link to academic subject areas
  • Provide memorable learning experiences

Plans for 2021-22

Autumn 2021:
We will be holding a whole school day on United Nations World Children’s Day 20th November. The theme will be promoting children’s mental health.

This year the focus of the UN OUTRIGHT campaign is on children’s mental health. On OUTRIGHT day the whole school will take part in activism to raise the profile of mental health.

Children will also participate in activities beyond the academic curriculum to boost their mental health such as yoga, listening to and making music, physical activities for health and fitness, lego and construction, appreciation of nature and art activities.

Activities on whole school days are beyond the regular curriculum but there will be links to the PSHE, Art, Music, PE, Science, English and DT curriculum areas.

Spring 2021:
We will have a whole school day to celebrate the arrival of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this summer.

Children will learn about the Commonwealth Games event – history and plans for Birmingham 2022 (eg stadiums/mascot/sports etc)

Athletes competing for the UK will be invited to meet children and to talk about resilience.

Children will take part in a sporting activity.

Children will find out where different events will take place and will explore how to book tickets for events and might plan a timetable for watching events on TV.

Children will find out about the different nations taking part in the event – where are they? what are they like? how will they travel to Birmingham from there etc.

Children will design and make welcome signs to welcome athletes and visitors to our city. Children might research and present places around Birmingham that visitors might like to visit.

Classes will record a video to be mixed together into a whole school video – Welcome to Birmingham.

Our Commonwealth Games day offers opportunities beyond the curriculum with links to Geography, Maths, PE, Art and Computing.

Summer 2022

Junior Leadership Days

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Increase pupil voice and pupil impact
  • Develop cohesion and collaboration across the school community
  • Provide memorable learning experiences
  • Promote school priorities
  • Enable action at a school, national or global scale

Plans for 2021-22

Autumn Term - Road Safety (School Improvement Plan) 11th October 2021
Junior Leaders will continue to lead the school in the School Improvement priority of developing road safety on Grendon Road and promoting healthy and environmental choices in the ways children travel to school.

Spring Term – Healthy and Happy Eating (Pupil Priority) 17th February 2022
Junior Leaders will support the school to learn about making healthy eating choices and will develop plans to improve children’s lunchtime experience at school.

Summer Term – TBC (Fundraising) 23rd June 2022
Junior Leaders will identify a charitable cause which the school will contribute to.

Grendon Passports

  • Broaden life experiences beyond the academic
  • Raise aspirations
  • Develop life skills
  • Celebrate interests, talents achievements and skills
  • Provide memorable learning experiences

Children will have the opportunity to choose and participate in an enriching activity with their class three times each year. We will record these activities in our Grendon Passport. At the same time we will invite children to share any out of school achievements with their class.

Our Passport events for 2021-22 will be held in the following weeks:

Autumn: Week beginning 18.10.21

Spring: Week beginning 04.04.22

Summer: Week beginning 23.05.22

Assembly and Collective Worship

  • Build community
  • Recognise and celebrate achievement
  • Promote attendance
  • Mark religious and cultural events
  • Teaching the school's embedded principles, Children's Rights and British Values

Collective Worship Planning
Social distancing rules and time constraints from increased hygiene procedures mean that we are currently unable to gather for assembly collective worship. Once we are able to gather again, details of assembly plans for the current half term will appear here.

Calendar Events

  • Mark key events in the calendar
  • Provide opportunities for the whole school, parents and the wider community to gather, share and celebrate together.

In the Autumn term we will settle into our new classes. We will celebrate Christmas with parties, shows and a Church Nativity.

In the Spring term, we will celebrate Mothering Sunday, celebrate Easter and celebrate Eid.

In the Summer term, we will celebrate Father's Day, hold Sports Day and have a music concert.

For details of calendar events, please see the school calendar.

Clubs and After School Activities

  • Develop personal interests
  • Teach new skills
  • Work on talents
  • Develop co-operation and teamwork
  • Commit for a period of time
  • Build confidence and friendship
  • Place adults as role models
  • Promote different academic subjects
  • Provide memorable learning experiences
  • Reflect confidence and enthusiasm into other areas of school life

We run a variety of clubs and after school activities across the school year. Further details can be found under News and Events HERE.

For the most up to date images on our whole school days please click to visit the GALLERY and LATEST NEWS.

To see what is coming up, please keep an eye on our school CALENDAR.