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Grendon Primary School Curriculum Statement

The curriculum is all the planned activities organised by school to promote learning, personal growth and development. This includes not only the formal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum but also the range of activities organised to enrich the experience of the children.

The core purpose of our school curriculum is to provide our pupils with a high quality, broad, exciting and challenging education which pays due regard to achievement in basic skills but also meets our school vision and aims and prepares pupils for a successful future.

Our school works to develop confident learners who are not afraid to challenge themselves and embody the spirit of our school logo: We can.

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How we learn in school

We recently asked the children how they learn in school. Here is a selection of their answers:

"Sometimes we make mistakes and that’s ok because we can try them again."

Grendon Pupil

(Sparkly folders) "It helped me with my words. It helped me with my spellings."

Grendon Pupil

(Precision Teaching) "It helps me and it’s very fun because we get to play games to help me learn and remember"

Grendon Pupil

(Lego Therapy) "I like building and telling what you have to build. We have some rules, you can’t speak when someone else is speaking, the other person is the engineer and the other person is the builder."

Grendon Pupil

“Grendon Primary offers a fully inclusive environment in which all pupils can thrive and achieve.  Teaching staff work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of all their pupils are fully met”.

Alison Shortt (Visual Impairment Team - Sensory Support)