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Junior Leader Day - Road Safety

Our next Junior Leader Day is coming...

On Tuesday 6th February, children and staff will be taking part in a whole school Road Safety day organised by the Junior Leaders which will provide opportunities for children to develop their understanding of road safety.

The children will also use this new learning to produce a short film with the purpose of persuading drivers to drive safely and to follow the Highway Code.

Why is the day linked to Road Safety?
As you may well be aware over the last four years, children, parents, guardians, residents, staff, police and other outside agencies have raised their concerns about parking and driving in the local area. As a school, we believe teaching children how to be safe is a vital lesson to learn. To help support the day, visitors have been invited to talk to the children regarding keeping them safe and how to cross the road.

Children and staff are being encouraged by the Junior Leaders to come to school in colours that represent the traffic lights, e.g. green, amber and red.

Voluntary Contribution to help raise money for road safety signs
A voluntary contribution of £1 can be made online via the School Money System. All the money raised will go towards purchasing road safety signs which will encourage motorists to park in the correct areas and keep children safe.