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Christmas Elves

Dear Everyone at Grendon,

We’re Jingle and Jangle, so pleased to be here,
sent by Santa to spread Christmas cheer.

Each night we return to the snowy North Pole,
to tell Santa Claus if you’ve met Grendon’s Goals.

We’ll try to be good each night while you snooze.
Remember, if you touch us, our magic we’ll lose.

Each evening when you’re home, we’ll post on Facebook.
So politely ask your parents if you can look.

You’ll see what we’re up to and know where we are.
Next day tell your teacher, we can’t have gone far!

We’ll be here in school, each day till term ends.
If you can do that too, a certificate we’ll send.

We can’t wait to spend Christmas at Grendon this year.
We’ll learn that WE CAN while we spread Christmas cheer.

From Jinny Jingle & Jerry Jangle

PS Remember to look at Facebook this evening to see our first photo. Come and tell your teacher about it on Monday!

If you are in school every day for the next three weeks like us, you’ll earn one of our very special Elf Certificates!

You can find our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE!