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New Classes and House System

All change for 2023/24

As we are sure you're aware, children have now been to meet their new teacher and been told which house they are in as part of the new school house system.

These are the new classes and teachers...

Old Class and Teacher moving to New Class and Teachers
    RW - Miss Wilson with Mrs Barshan
RT (Mrs Thompson)   1C - Mrs Collins with Miss Boynton
RW (Miss Wilson)   1T - Mrs Thompson with Miss Roath
1C (Mrs Collins)   2B - Miss Broughton with Miss Campbell
1H (Ms Overton)   2P - Mrs Pollitt with Miss Putnam
2B (Miss Broughton)   3H - Mr Hedderley with Mrs Kaur
2E (Mr Elvins)   3J - Miss James with Mrs Fox
3G (Mrs Godfrey)   4M - Miss Mills with Mrs Suthers
3H (Mr Hedderley)   4G - Mrs Godfrey with Mrs O'Hare
4H (Miss Hall)   5F - Mr Feely with Mrs Beedon
4N (Mr Norris)   5H - Miss Hall with Mrs Beedon
5F (Mr Feely)   6B - Mr Bache with Mrs Shea
5P (Mrs Pollitt)   6N - Mr Norris with Mrs Shea

All children have been placed in to one of our four school houses. Please ask your child which house they have been 'sorted' in to.

Our four houses are BOULTON, CADBURY, LEWIS and MALALA.

We look forward to an exciting 2023/24 academic year!!