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Parents Evening

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As per our school calendar, our next parent’s evening is coming up soon.

For all classes except 1H, this will be on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th of February. For 1H it will be on Wednesday 1st March and Thursday 2nd March. All days will run between 3.35pm – 5.35pm.

To cut down further on the use of paper, and to improve efficiency for both us and yourselves, you will need to book your appointments online.

Please use the link below. You will need your name and email address exactly as you have provided it for our records. You will also be asked to enter your child’s name and date of birth. This will take you to the home page. Please click the blue “make/edit my own booking” option and simply click the time that is convenient. Remember to scroll down the page to see both days. You will then get an email confirmation of this time. If for any reason you need to cancel, please log back in and cancel your appointment. This will free that time for other parents to select.

We will use the same structure as for our previous parents evening. You will get academic and pastoral information, including attendance print outs and details of any additional interventions that your child is involved in.

Please use THIS LINK to book an appointment.

Please let the office know if you have any issues logging in.