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Please read...

As you may know, there is an extreme weather warning in place for Monday and Tuesday next week. School remains OPEN.

However, plans are in place to keep children safe, comfortable and hydrated.

Children can come to school in their PE kits. Doors and windows will be left open at the appropriate times to maintain ventilation.

Lessons have also been adapted to reduce unnecessary physical exertion. PE lessons are cancelled.

Children will have access to their water bottles as usual and will be reminded more regularly to drink from them. These can be refilled in school.

Playtimes will be held at the most appropriate times for classes and may be shorter or only allowed in shady areas. Children will not be running around. The same will apply to lunchtime.

Children can bring in hats, sunglasses and sun lotion, although adults will not apply lotion, so please show your child how to do this.

We look forward to seeing you for the last three days of the year and celebrating all the great work that has taken place.

Thank you for your ongoing support.