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Mental Health Day

At Grendon, we are having a Mental Health Awareness Day!

As part of our enrichment curriculum, we have decided to focus on Mental Health Awareness and today, across the entire school, we have been thinking about what Mental Health means and how we keep ourselves, and others, healthy mentally.

We have been talking about how it's ok to not be ok, talking about things that might make us sad or happy and discussing what we can do to help others. We have thought about our emotions and how we can use our Growth Mindset to keep our minds healthy.

But it's not all been talking! Talking is a great way of sharing our feelings but fitness and exercise is a great way of relaxing too! For example, Reception have been taking part in Yoga lessons!

Mental Health is so important for everyone; children, parents, teachers and adults all need help sometimes. The official Mental Health Day is the 10th October (Saturday) and you can find more detail here MIND.ORG.UK

You can also check out the gallery of the activities we did today HERE