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Nursery Closure and 'Wraparound'

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As you can see from the letter attached below, we are starting the process needed to formally close our Nursery. This certainly isn’t a decision we have taken lightly. As many of you know, our Nursery was always effective and gave our children a really good start to their education. However, as Birmingham began to make changes to Nursery funding, and criteria for full time places changed significantly, we found that fewer children were able to take up Nursery places. We made changes, such as opening for the morning session only but soon found that Nursery was no longer financially viable. We are aware that many schools across the city have also found themselves in this position.

If this closure goes ahead as planned, we are left with another option open to us. We are beginning to look at the possibility of running before and after school wraparound care. We know that the need for this is increasing and some of you have already spoken to me about this issue. We are now keen to use this opportunity to look into this but would like to know your thoughts at this very first stage. I must stress that we are at very early stages of this process and only considering this as an option. We are however keen to respond to needs and move the school forward if this is viable for all parties. I look forward to hearing your response.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs H Ridley