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School Nurse Information Session

Is my child well enough to attend school? School Nurse, Louise Proudlock, spoke on the subject...

The session was delivered by our School Nurse Louise Proudlock. She gave information to parents regarding when they should not bring their children to school and what conditions do not require them to stay at home.

All the information given to parent’s, was in line with the government guidelines from the Public Health Agency. This agency advises schools when children should be excluded with certain conditions and gives an approximate time they should be absent from school.

In the session, common childhood conditions were covered and how to manage them. Information ranged from a common cough and colds, hand foot and mouth, chickenpox through to meningitis. 

Symptom checker cards for ages 0 upwards were given to parents to make them aware that the symptoms of meningitis are different for different ages.

Below you will find information from the Health Protection Agency

Our School Nurse is in school every Tuesday from 9-12, if you would like to see her please let the School Office or Miss Jones know.