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Important Parent Letter

This letter will be going home with your child today...

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to the huge majority of parents and visitors to school that comply with all of our behaviour expectations and are courteous, polite and set a good model of behaviour for our children.

I am sorry to say that recently we have had some incidents of unacceptable behaviour by parents on the playground.  I thought it might be useful to remind everyone of the expectations of school regarding the conduct of all visitors (including parents) on our school site.

The School has a legal duty to ensure that its pupils, staff and visitors are treated with respect and that they are not subjected to verbal abuse or physical intimidation.

Aims of our School are:

 Working to remove inequality of opportunity

 Treating each other with respect, tolerance and concern

  Building relationships with each other, parents, carers and the local community

  Teaching skills to learn with

  Providing knowledge to build on and understand the world with 

  Building in experiences which gives each learner a taste to explore the world further

As parents /carers new to school you signed a Home School Agreement agreeing to be polite, respectful and courteous to all members of the school community.

We expect parents, carers and visitors to support a peaceful and safe environment by:
· Understanding that both teachers and parents need to work together for the benefit of their children.
· Demonstrating that all members of the school community are treated with respect.
· Setting a good example with their own language and behaviour.
· Speaking to school office staff and teachers/teaching assistants politely and calmly.
· Seeking to clarify a child’s version of events with the school’s view in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue.
· Correcting their own child’s behaviour especially in public where it could otherwise lead to conflict, aggressive behaviour or unsafe behaviour.
· Approaching the school directly to help resolve any issues of concern.
· Avoiding using staff as threats to manage children’s behaviour outside school.

School cannot tolerate parents, carers and visitors exhibiting the following:
· Disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens to interfere with the operation of a classroom, office or any other area of the school grounds.
· Using loud and/or offensive language or displaying temper. Offensive language includes: swearing, cursing, using profane language, or language that is racist, sexist, homophobic or disrespectful towards another’s faith or religious beliefs.
· Threatening to harm a member of school staff, visitor, fellow parent/carer or pupil regardless of whether or not the behaviour constitutes a criminal offence.
· Damaging or destroying school property.
· Sending abusive or threatening e-mails or text/voicemail/phone messages or other written communications.
· Defamation of the school or staff character on Facebook or other social networking sites.
· The use of physical aggression towards another adult or child.  This includes physical punishment of your own child on school premises.
· Approaching someone else’s child in order to discuss or chastise them because of their actions towards your own child/children.
· Smoking, vaping  and consumption of alcohol or other drugs.
· Cycling on school premises.
· Dogs being brought on to school premises.

Everyone at Grendon Primary School wants the very best for your child/ren and believes that good communication with parents is essential. Therefore, I do hope that we can rely on your co-operation in this matter and that there will not be a repetition of this behaviour; so that the School does not need to consider taking further action.