Grendon Primary School Prospectus 2023

Grendon Primary School, Grendon Road, Birmingham, B14 4RB GRENDON PRIMARY SCHOOL PROSPECTUS

CONTENTS Our School Our Ethos, Vision & Aims and Our Goals and Houses Our Leaders Our school team, from Leaders to Junior Leaders Our Children How we help all our children Our Curriculum Academic, Pastoral and Enrichment Our Learning Environment Our school site and how it helps us learn Our Community & Celebrations Working alongside our community and celebrating success

OUR SCHOOL Grendon School is a vibrant, happy place in which to learn, where the education is underpinned by its ethos of “We Can” Ofsted, July 2019 It is my pleasure to welcome you to Grendon Primary School; a school that I began my teaching career at many years ago and one which I am now proud to lead as the Headteacher. There is something very special about our school. Many of our staff began their teaching careers here and have since progressed to be Leaders at Grendon. Many of our past pupils now choose Grendon for their own children and are amazed by how the school has developed and improved over the years. We are a school that really does serve our community! Grendon is a good and improving school; one in which children, parents, staff and Governors work together to ensure that our ‘We Can’ ethos is at the heart of everything we do. Our vision highlights our focus on both academic and pastoral curricula. Our pastoral curriculum ensures children are safe, removes barriers to learning and develops strength of character. The result is that children are happy, healthy and ready to learn. Our academic curriculum offers structure and opportunity. High quality teaching ensure that all children are engaged by and involved in their learning, making strong progress. When children speak, we really listen! We are lucky to be situated on a large site and have spacious rooms inside and lots of green space all around us which we certainly make the most of in our curriculum. If you would like to know more, or would like to visit our school, please contact the school office. We will be pleased to help. We look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure that our children are happy, successful, develop a love of learning are well prepared for their future and really do leave Grendon believing that ‘WE CAN’. Helen Ridley Head Teacher

Our School Ethos Our School Vision WE CAN provide the knowledge and skills to unlock learning through; a pastoral curriculum removing barriers and developing strength of character an academic curriculum providing effective structure and opportunity in order that all of our children have the keys to embrace their futures and believe WE CAN! Our School Aims WE CAN provide teaching that develops knowledge and skills so children learn and progress effectively. WE CAN offer enriching activities, event and experiences. WE CAN work together to remove barriers and ensure equality. WE CAN build independent and resilient learners who are able to communicate confidently. WE CAN listen to and treat each other and all members of the community with respect, tolerance and concern. WE CAN recognise ability, maximise potential and prepare children well for their future and life in modern Britain. In the words of one pupil, ‘just because you can’t do something yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to learn how to do it’. Ofsted, July 2019

Parent of Year Two, 2023 Through everything we do at Grendon, we promote Grendon's Goals and prepare children for their future lives. Grendon's Goals are modelled and developed in daily interactions, through planned teaching opportunities in curriculum time and through our assembly and collective worship programme. Grendon’s Goals have helped my children focus on different aspects of their development Our Grendon Goals are accompanied by a clear behaviour policy which all children embrace to ensure they are making the right decisions. OUR SCHOOL Grendon’s Goals

All children at Grendon are placed in one of four houses, except Reception who are ‘sorted' into their House as part of their Reception Graduation in July each year. After much thought and consideration, we named our houses after people who are aspirational because of their achievements in their field. They all have strong connections to Birmingham and feature throughout our curriculum. Our Houses are: Children will work all year during our usual curriculum and enrichment days to win points for their team. This becomes another way for us to reward the excellent behaviour we see so often. On House day at the end of each year, the winning team win a trophy! I love being in a House, I get to work with children in different year groups who are in the same House as me! Year Three Pupil OUR SCHOOL Grendon Houses

OUR LEADERS Our Senior Leadership Team is made up of experienced staff who are responsible and accountable for driving both our academic and pastoral curricula as our vision states. Leaders include the Headteacher, the Deputy Head (Pastoral), the Assistant Head (Academic), the Pastoral Manager, the SENDCo, the Curriculum Manager and our Lead Practitioners. All members of the Senior Leadership Team work together as a highly effective unit ensuring that school improvement priorities are achieved. Ofsted, July 2019 We have three Designated Safeguarding Leads in our Leadership Team and have an established strong safeguarding culture, underpinned by effective training, policy and practice. We know that this is only half the story though, and have worked hard to increase involvement and engagement in learning by empowering our pupils as Leaders. At Grendon, our School Captains, House Captains, Junior Leaders, Play Leaders, Skills Challenge Leaders and Senior Prefects are always looking to make a difference and have had many notable successes. Parents agree that their children are safe in school and pupils say that they feel safe. Ofsted, July 2019

OUR CHILDREN Put very simply, our children are a delight! They really do make Grendon, Grendon! We know that no two of our children are the same and we celebrate diversity and achieve inclusivity in all that we do. At some point in their school lives, all children may need a little more support or a little extra challenge. Whether a child is identified as having Special Educational Needs or Disability, has English as an additional language, is entitled to Pupil Premium funding or is identified as being more able, the appropriate support or challenge is put in place. We work with a variety of professionals in school including our School Nurse, Speech Therapist, Behaviour Consultant, Pupil School Support, Educational Psychologist and Sweet Project and can both access and signpost to a wider range of support to ensure all children are happy and achieve well. Teachers use information well to identify children at risk of falling behind and provide additional support that enables these pupils to catch up quickly. Ofsted, July 2019

OUR CURRICULUM Our curriculum is best explained through our Curriculum Cupcake diagram, which shows how our ethos, vision and aims are bought to life with our Grendon Goals. It meets the needs of the pupils well and ensures that they are exposed to a wide range of educational experiences Ofsted, July 2019

OUR CURRICULUM Academic Curriculum Our academic curriculum is knowledge engaged and fulfils the statutory requirements of the national curriculum. We know that knowledge opens doors for our children but also that this needs supporting by the teaching of transferable skills. We know our children learn best when they are able to make links, understand the purpose and do not see learning as a set of disconnected facts. Vertical links within a subject ensure progression is clear and build on prior knowledge and understanding. Horizontal links make learning relevant, give a meaningful context and help children make sense of their world. These links also ensure appropriate focus on developing reading, writing and maths across the curriculum; to make sense of learning, to close gaps in attainment and to drive children to be the best they can be. Subject specific, blocked or regular units of work for all subjects ensure breadth and balance. Each year group has subject specific objectives along with a set of progression points ensuring children access age related expectations. It is clear at the start of each unit what achievement looks like, as assessment criteria are built in. Pastoral Curriculum Our pastoral curriculum removes barriers to learning and develops strength of character. It includes all the support that we provide as a school to ensure children are able to access the academic curriculum, have healthy bodies and minds and live happy, fulfilled lives as rounded individuals. It helps us build strong relationships across our diverse community. Our behaviour policy supports our happy and calm working environment. We make it easy for children to seek support from staff with any problem or concern that they have and makes it clear that bullying in any form is never acceptable. As a result, children are happy, healthy and ready to learn. Our teachers make learning fun! Year Four Pupil

Ofsted, July 2019 OUR CURRICULUM Enrichment Pupils throughout the school show highly positive attitudes to learning. They are extremely polite, well-mannered and their conduct around school is excellent. At Grendon Primary School, we offer an Enrichment Programme to all pupils. This enrichment provides pupils with learning opportunities beyond the academic curriculum. It supports the broadening of experiences and the development of life skills. Our Enrichment programme directly meets our school aims WE CAN offer enriching activities, events and experiences WE CAN build independent and resilient learners who are able to communicate confidently We want pupils to leave Grendon Primary School with a breadth of experience, an understanding of opportunity and a bank of happy memories.

OUR LEARNING ENVIRONMENT We have lots of outside space at Grendon and we like to make the most of it! We have three playgrounds and a sports field, walks, a stage, a meadow, a football cage, tyre parks, a climbing wall, pergolas (for shade in the summer), a pond and vegetable garden, a waiting shelter and a outside reading area with a throne! We also have a fantastic greenhouse that we made from plastic bottles. We are very proud of our school garden too. All children participate in gardening lessons. We have even grown, harvested, prepared and cooked our own produce! We bought loads of vegetables from the school garden sale, they were yummy! Parent of Year Six child

OUR COMMUNITY & CELEBRATIONS Our school community Visitors regularly comment on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere in our school. Younger and older children often work together both to learn and play. Parents and visitors join in many activities including work shops, community lunches and performances. Our local community We like to reach out into our local community. We have strong links with local schools and amenities. People in the community visit and tell us about their jobs and free time. We also visit people outside school whenever we can for community activities such as carol singing or to use community facilities for our learning. We achieve a lot both in and out of school and we love to celebrate this. We are very proud of our children and reward their achievement, good attendance and good behaviour. Children are very proud of the certificates and other rewards that they achieve - why don’t you ask us about them! In our assemblies we celebrate all children’s successes and especially those that demonstrate Grendon’s Goals. Celebrations are a shared experience in our school and parents and visitors are always welcome to join in. Grendon Primary always donate generously to the local food pantry. Yardley Wood Food Pantry